The Caller: (Scary) Mary Howells - Mary likes to make sure that Phoenix gives everyone a great night out, and if they go wrong occasionally that's all part of the fun.

On Melodeon: Nigel Howells - Mary's husband Nigel plays melodeon. He has a wide musical taste from classical and early music to Status Quo (with a particular penchant for Steeleye Span)

On Electric Guitar: Alasdair (Ali) Brown - Joined Phoenix in 2010 and adds a blusier, rockier edge to the Phoenix sound. He has a love of guitars and associated gagetry - if you hear strange atmospheric noises at one of our gigs, he's probably found a new toy on e-bay.

On Electric Bass: Nigel (Doc) Skinner - Nigel comes from a classical background having played 'cello. He first tried his hand at electric bass when Phoenix were being put together. He took to it like a duck to water and brought all kinds of interesting new ideas to the bass line.

On Drums: Paul Sadler - Paul joined Phoenix in November 2011 bringing 15 years of gigging experience in various cover bands in and around Exeter. With drumming influences from The Doors to the Foofighters via Iceland's Sugarcubes, Paul brings a rockier influence to the band. Don't ever ask him about Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band though; you'll never get away.